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Ever the entrepreneur, Edward Tierney brings a wildly expansive range of experiences to helping organizations, and the people that make them work, grow. Relishing opportunities to think forward; Edward loves taking a collection of known facts, and postulated concepts and consider future environments that could be. We’d tell you it’s his bent for science fiction that opens Edward to identifying the powerful indicators that he can’t explain how or why captured his fascination to begin with. He’ll tell you it’s his high-tech and entrepreneurial acumen through the rigors and years of bringing organizations and products to market.

Favorite all-time Score:  Mozart’s Concerto for Violins.

What motivates you?  I used to think it was my parents’ approval, now I know its mine.

What was your first entrepreneurial gig?  We built a beer distribution company at college. We weren’t in it for the money, wink wink, nudge nudge.

What was your favorite course in college?  Great Film Directors – Stanely Kubrick. (It was so great I took it twice… the second time around it was Alfred Hitchcock though.).

What core capability do you think sets your work apart? Broad life experiences and the ability to connect disparate ideas.

Treasured Possession: My guitar, which has lived with me at every one of my twenty three different addresses.

Something that you haven’t done yet:  visit a monastery in Nepal, mountain bike in New Zealand , dive the great barrier reef.

Most used desk reference:  Roget’s.

What about the world fascinates you most? Our capacity as part of a group to ignore our needs and our determination, while individually ensuring that each wrong is righted.

Your favorite thing about yourself: I am learning who I really am everyday. I’ll have the complete picture the week before I kick the can, I’m sure.

 When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  A marine biologist.  And I still do.

Most Frequently played album:  Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here