“It may be simple, but it isn’t easy. ” So says Joe Bell, Executive Director of the Niagara Aerospace Museum and Aerospace executive with 4 decades of hands on High Reliability experience in the Aerospace industry.

This interview with Joe touches on a broad selection of HRO topics brought to life by his experiences around the world with quality, risk management and culture. Interview topics include Leadership, Design Thinking, Weak Signals and my favorite, Accommodation of Deviation.

In addition to the Main Podcast, we created additional podcasts from the interview materials.


Podcast Chapters

1:52     Brief career summary

3.55     Deference to Expertise

7:50     Leaderships Impact on Culture

10:15    Accommodation of Deviation

13:20    Weak Signals

16:25    Design Thinking

17:30    Resist Simplification

19:35    The Desire to Complicate

20:30   HRO Culture

25:15    Deference to Expertise II

27:00   Quality – Don’t Shoot the Messenger

30:00    HRO is a Competitive Advantage for Everyone